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With how easily available so many over-the-counter teeth whitening products are, it may seem redundant to have a professional whitening session performed. However, that’s just not true. Professional whitening has many benefits not provided by over-the-counter solutions. Let’s look at a few of those benefits you can receive from a whitening session here at Stephen Kwitnicki, DDS in Union, New Jersey.

Fixes what over-the-counter can’t

Sometimes, after years of tobacco use or drinking coffee, the enamel of your teeth will become stained so deeply that over-the-counter whitening solutions just can’t fix the problem. This is because only Dr. Stephen Kwitnicki has access to the most powerful whitening tools since they have to be administered in-office to ensure patient safety.

It’s quick

You can go to the store and buy a whitening kit that promises a better smile over a few weeks, or a few days. But when you come into our office for whitening, your smile will be white and beautiful again after just one appointment.

It’s less of a hassle

Getting the whitening strips on your teeth just so or making sure the whitening trays aren’t overflowing with too much gel is a hassle. When you have in-office whitening performed, you don’t have to do anything except relax in the chair.

If you have deeply stained teeth you haven’t been able to fix, even with strong over-the-counter options, it’s time to call us today at 908-516-2906 and schedule an appointment.