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When gum disease becomes severe, the teeth affected may become loose and hyper-mobile. This can make chewing difficult and painful, and can also increase wear and malfunction in the teeth or in the jaw. These painful symptoms can in turn make the gum disease even worse by irritating the bone or the gum tissue. If you have gum disease and loose teeth, our dentist may recommend periodontal splinting to limit the tooth mobility and promote faster healing from the gum disease. Treatments designed to restore your periodontal tissue work a good deal better with limited tooth mobility, as the loose teeth can irritate the tissue and prevent it from healing properly.

There are a few methods to splint the teeth together. One method is to use a dental bonding material to bond the teeth to each other to reduce the mobility. Often this sort of splint is strengthened by using fiber or mesh worked into the bonding material. Another method is to bond a metal splint to the teeth, and a third bonds dental crowns to each other to form a strong splint.

If you have multiple loose teeth, we encourage you to contact Dr. Stephen Kwitnicki and our team today at Stephen Kwitnicki, DDS to learn more about periodontal splinting in Union, New Jersey. We are eager to provide the care that will help you feel better about your smile.